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            Sam Nottleman originals are very rare and very expensive. They sell from about $1200.00 to as much as $5000.00 each.
            We, at http://www.beatthebigboxboys.com/ are pleased and proud to be able to offer you the full line of the Sam and Lilly Nottleman affordable reproduction Bird Sculptures.
            See also our page, Sculpture Info, to see how the very detailed reproductions are made.
The beginning of a Masterpiece
            The process of creating an original decoy for Sam Nottleman begins with the block of tupelo wood, which is harvested from a swamp tree in Louisiana. Sam then draws patterns inspired by his own mounted birds, and bird observation, which ultimately results in a realistic work of art. The shaping process is completed with carbide grinder beginning with a coarse grinder and eventually a finer tool. The wood shaping process itself takes over 100 hours per bird and the larger birds such as geese, and wall mounts, may take up to 400 hours. The detailed feather patterns are accomplished by the use of a burning pen and take up to three to four weeks per bird. 
            The finishing colors and the detailed paint patterns are created by Lilly Nottleman. She uses acrylic paints and brushes of all kinds ranging from a 1 inch to a 1/6 inch brush. She also uses an air brush to blend the multiple colors to give the final product a more realistic and life-like feel. Lilly’s favorite bird to create is the colorful Drake Wood Duck, due to the extraordinary color patterns. She has created some of the most beautiful color schemes in the world as a part of waterfowl and upland game birds collections! Click here to see our full line of the Nottleman’s great reproductions.      
            The final creation is a bird that represents the life-like qualities and characteristics of the natural bird. The Nottlemans are noted for their capacity to create the most life-like wildlife sculptures in the world, and add action poses. This characteristic has separated the work of Sam and Lilly Nottleman from other carvers around the world, and sparked the interest in some famous owners of wildlife sculptures such as Paul Harvey, Norman Schwarzkopf, Richard Mears and many others. The Nottlemans birds have been secured by many national organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, The National Rifle Association, Pheasants Forever, Quail Unlimited, The National Dove Society, The National Wild Turkey Federation, The Safari Club and the Delta Water Fowler Association.  Sam and Lilly strive for innovation and creativity and promise to keep coming out with new and exciting sculptures in the future.  Keep an eye out for what they will create next. Check back here at http://www.beatthebigboxboys.com/ often to see the newest Cast Resin Reproductions.

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